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Acupressure for Pain Relief in Labour

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Acupressure can relieve pain in labour, help with anxiety, reduce nausea and shorten your labour time. Using acupressure techniques has helped so many woman achieve the calm, in control, positive labour they desired. This course is designed to help any women with fear of birth achieve a more comfortable and positive birth. In this course you will learn 9 acupressure points > to relieve pain throughout your labour > to keep you calm and focused during labour > to reduce nausea In addition you will learn how to use combinations of these points to solve common labour problems such as > nausea/vomiting > slow/stalled labour, > membrane rupture without contractions, > baby in suboptimal position, > delayed 2nd stage > retained placenta > anterior cervical lip. This is an on demand course so you can learn at your own time and your own pace. The course is divided into short (5 - 10) minute videos so can learn even when you have a short amount of time. You will have lifetime access to the course and any future updates.



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