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My workshop and courses prepare you and your birth partner for a positive, gentle birth. They are designed for parents who want to be actively involved in decision making and prefer to have an understanding of what choices are available to them for labour and birth in Ireland. The workshop/courses  provide knowledge on the processes of labor and birth and helps you understand the many options/interventions that may arise.  The information provided is based on the latest scientific research and recommended international best practices to ensure you can navigate your options with confidence.

I offer a number of different options for you to prepare for birth

  1. Live Group Workshop via  Zoom-  (4hrs over 2 days) - see below for more details.

  2. In Person Group workshop (8hrs in 1 day)  - see below for more details. 

  3. In person Private Workshop (8hrs in 1 day)  in you own home on a date that suits you. These workshops follow the same general format as the group workshop but can be tailored to your specific needs.

  4. Private Zoom Workshop at a date/time that suits you. These workshops follow the same general format as the group workshop but can be tailored to your specific needs and can be 2 to 8hrs long depending on your requirements. 

  5. Prerecorded On demand courses which you can access at any time. See below for more details. 


My workshop is a unique antenatal class as it  offers many tools and techniques as part of a labour toolkit which can be used to have a positive, gentle birth no matter what form that birth may take. Parents can therefore pick and choose which of these tools work best for them rather than been confined to just one technique such as hypnobirthing or breathing exercises. It uses proven brain science techniques such as hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, sports psychology, meditation and mindfulness to help reduce fear, anxiety and pain in labor.  These “brain calming” techniques will help you become relaxed, confident and ready for the birth of your baby no matter what situation may arise on the day. Many of my clients report that they were so relaxed and confident during labor that care providers do not believe that they are actually in labor until they are examined or mum starts to push.  This is a significant change from the majority of mums who would experience a lot of anxiety and pain in labor.

In addition to the brain calming techniques the  workshop will go through the various comfort measures you can use such as acupressure, breathing, rebozo, aromatherapy, TENS machines etc.  to help reduce pain in labor.  Many mums report that when they have used these techniques that they have found the labor pains manageable and many have not required the use of any analgesic during labor.  The workshop is for mums and their birth partners and  gives the birth partner all the knowledge and information they will need  in their  their role as birth supporter, facilitator and advocate on this very special day. 


When you sign up for my 8hr Workshop you will get a free 36 week follow up appointment either in person or via zoom to go through any questions or concerns you have.  In addition you get ongoing phone/email support from me whenever you need it until you are 6 weeks postpartum.  In other words you will have your very own birth expert available to you up to and including during your labour!


Costs are as follows

  • 8hr  group workshop ( In person or via Zoom)  €275.

  • A private 8hr workshop in your own home at a date that suits you €400.

  • A private live workshop  via Zoom at a date/time that suits you.  Contact me for more info. 

Price includes ​

  • Phone/email support from me until you are 6 weeks postpartum.

  • A 30min follow up consultation with me via Zoom or in person.

  • Lifetime access to any Birth Preparation On Demand courses. 

To view dates and to  book a workshop click here



or for a private workshop then contact me for more info.


If a group or private workshop is not a suitable option for you then prerecorded courses are also available. These courses contain the same high quality information as the live workshops but are in shorter formats and can be accessed at a time that suits you.  You will get lifetime access to the course so can review it at any time.  (Access to these on demand courses is free when you do a group or private 8hr workshop.) You can access my on demand courses here 

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Una L. 

"We just wanted to thank you for everything. We really enjoyed the course and learned loads and we were able to use some of the tools you taught us during the birth. Thank you also for doing acupuncture prior to the birth. I do believe it helped turn the baby from breech."

Julia G.

"My partner and I loved the workshop

and the tools we’ve been given to make the birth of our baby something special. We feel very confident, empowered and equipped

to have our positive birth."

Muriel A.

"I feel so much more confident than before taking the class. Emma was a great instructor and very knowledgeable. My husband and I feel more ready than ever to welcome our

new baby into our lives."

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