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Everything you need to use Acupressure for Pain Relief in labour and  to help you on your journey towards a positive birth.


Acupressure can help

>Relieve pain

>Reduce the need for an epidural

>Shorten labour

>Reduce nausea

>Keep you calm and focused during labour


This kit contains all the tools you need to use acupressure in your labour and is the perfect complement to my Acupressure of Labour On Demand Course.  

The kit contains

2 acupressure wrist bands

2 combs

2 pressure pegs

All in a conventient wallet which you can pop straight into your hospital bag. 


Note: You will need to have completed a live workshop  with me or the On Demand Acupressure For Labour Course available on my website in order to know how to use this kit. The course is available at the Online Programs page. My live workshops are available on the Workshops page.


Acupressure for labour kit

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