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Tony Bushby The Bible Fraud Pdf Download




We have the evidence for the truth. He and his followers committed the worst atrocities. "You shall have no other gods before me". He is the wicked, twisted, disgusting, sinful one. Death to the Immoral Criminal Satanic Ruler who Took the Throne of David by the hands of Elijah, The . Death to the . Down with the . The Scripture Falsifiers shall be put to Death according to His Word. "Burn their churches and cut down their sacred trees". "Burn the books of the Bible that they wrote". "Don't teach their religion to our children". "Don't permit them to alter the old holy books". SORRY! It seems the Bible Fraud Blog is no longer on the web. The following are the documents I have that I hope to have added to the blog before it is gone forever: BROTHERS AND SISTERS! I am living in fear of my life. I will share my story in part and perhaps the criminals will be caught. A killer is after me and a rapist has been stalking me for a long time. I have been threatened, harassed, intimidated and terrorized. I am a female teacher in the Orlando, Florida school system. I teach the 5th grade. I am an evangelical Christian. My attacker has a blog that is threatening me. I have blogged about the situation for over a year. I was given a copy of my attacker's blog. He is a Christian who hates me and my religion. He calls me names. He makes threats against me. He has threatened to slit my throat. He has threatened to rape me and to kill me and to murder my child. He has spread my story all over the internet. Some of the posts that he has made have been on web sites that can be visited by anyone. We have a student of mine who reads the Internet. He sees my web site and posts about my situation. The parents of this boy do not know that he reads the Internet. My son has been harassed by my attacker. He has received comments from him. He has been threatened in many ways. My attacker is a Christian who has no problem with killing me or any of my students. His plan is to have our parents fired and to then have the school board fire them. He has spread information about



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Tony Bushby The Bible Fraud Pdf Download

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