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Magic Spell To Turn Into A Girl




 . . Willow. The spell involves magic and probably some . . . I don't know exactly what will happen, but I think it involves a lot of screaming and hair pulling, especially when I cast the spell.. . . The . . . pixie who performs the spell is flimsy on Willow's spell. Willow says she's just as experienced as any other witch and says she's used magic before, and I don't know if this would be enough to change the character or not. . . . Willow tells Anya that she's going to cast the spell, and Anya describes the incantation. When Willow casts the spell, the people surrounding Willow shriek and scream. Willow starts pulling her hair out, but seems to feel something and looks down at her hands. Willow can't see what she's doing, but a couple of things happen. First, she looks very happy. Second, Willow’s hair turns white and she looks exactly like a girl. However, Anya says that it doesn't seem like it worked on her, but rather her hair turned blonde. Anya asks if it was the same for her, and Willow says yes and then Anya sees herself in a mirror and realizes she's a girl too. Anya believes that Willow just tried the magic on her because Willow wanted to do it, so she was just looking for the right opportunity. Anya thinks that it doesn't matter whether she's a boy or girl. She also says that she's pretty sure that Willow is prettier now than she was a few minutes ago. When Willow tries to convince Anya that she can still cast the spell, Anya says that she doesn't need to as she's pretty sure it worked. She also says that she's pretty sure that she'll be just as pretty now as she was before. When Anya mentions the spell they were casting, Willow says that they were testing her love for Anya. Anya says that she doesn't know how that worked, because she's still Willow. Willow says that Anya is right because they're the same person. As Anya puts her hand on her chest, Willow says that it's strange that she doesn't feel any different. Willow then suggests that Anya go back to her own room and try to see what she feels like. In the bathroom, Anya can't even think of herself as a girl. Anya runs to the mirror and sees




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Magic Spell To Turn Into A Girl

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